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Our Sitters

Nunn Better! uses professional, independent pet sitters to care for your beloved pet. Our pet sitters include:

Seneca N.

  • BS in Animal Science from U of A, May 2001
  • EMAT Certified
  • Arizona native with 20 years experience in pet sitting
  • Specializing in special needs pets, diabetic, subcutaneous fluids, medication administration
  • Owner and Founder of Nunn Better Pet Care since May 2001
  • Services NW and Oro Valley, Marana, Central Tucson and Downtown area

Linda E.

  • MA in Counseling Psychology
  • 18-year resident of Tucson, with 4 years experience in pet sitting
  • Satisfied client of Nunn Better Pet Care for 8 years
  • Experienced in medication administration, including subcutaneous fluids
  • Servicing Northwest, Oro Valley and Marana
  • Lifelong dedicated pet lover/owner

Linda R.

  • Native Arizonan
  • Has been with Nunn Better for 13 years
  • U of A Graduate
  • Bachelor of Science in Nursing
  • Experienced with horses, turtles, birds, iguanas, and much more
  • (Seneca's mom)
  • Services Northwest and Oro Valley areas

Carol F.

  • Mother of two cats, Robi, 10 years and Jasper, 12 years. I have had cats in my household my entire life.
  • Raised in Southwestern Ohio, resident of Tucson for 34 years
  • Has worked for Nunn Better as a pet sitter since 2007
  • Primarily pet sit for cats and small dogs. I am known as "the crazy cat lady."
  • Service areas are mainly Oro Valley, the Northwest side and Northwest/Central part of Tucson

Janet B.

  • Pet sitter for 7 years with Nunn Better!
  • Arizona native
  • Services Northwest Tucson and Oro Valley

Triesta W.

  • Originally from the Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, area; moved to Tucson in February, 2000
  • Bred, trained and showed dressage and eventing horses for 15 years, including national champion/reserve champion dressage prospects
  • Ran a riding academy for young girls here in Tucson, including summer day camp program
  • Bred and showed Samoyeds for 10 years, along with holding the position of Vice President of the Delaware Valley Samoyed Rescue Operation
  • Raised beef cattle for meat and Cheviot sheep for wool
  • Currently managing a small breeding herd of American Blackbelly Sheep
  • Has a nine hundred pound pig for a pet, along with 2 dogs, 2 cats, 2 horses, a goat and a ferret
  • Serving the Northwest and Oro Valley areas, along with clients who have horses or other large animals in outlying areas

Liz C.

  • I've been pet sitting with Nunn Better since 2006
  • I'm trained to give subcutaneous fluids, injections, and any other medications
  • I volunteered for the Humane Society and FAIR for several years as a foster parent and adoption counselor. I also worked at a vet clinic for 3 years
  • My own fur and feather family consists of a German Shepherd, 4 cats, and a talkative African Gray parrot named Chuck
  • I have a talent with shy pets
  • I will always treat your fuzz-kids like my own, with tons of love and attention. They are the reason I love pet sitting so much!
  • Services Central and Downtown Tucson

Daphne M.

  • BA in Parks and Recreation Management from Northern Arizona University
  • Native Phoenician, has lived in Tucson for 20 plus years
  • Experienced in medication administration including subcutaneous fluids
  • Has attended numerous workshops on dog obedience, aggressive dog, agility and rally obedience
  • Vicariously have many dogs, horses and cats through the clients of Nunn Better!
  • Past member of Saguaro Scramblers Dog Agility club
  • Servicing Downtown, and West side of Tucson

Wayne M. & David M.

  • Residents of Tucson for 24 years, moving from California and New Mexico
  • So satisfied with Seneca‚Äôs love of animals and sitting for us for the past several years, we decided to go to work and spread the love of pets with Nunn Better
  • Experienced with medications and insulin administration
  • Volunteers with Pima Animal Care Center (PACC)
  • Rescued Toby (Basset Hound) and Ella (Basset/Blood Hound Mix)
  • Servicing the Northwest, Marana, Sunflower, Continental Ranch and Continental Reserve and Dove Mountain areas

Ozzie M.

  • I am originally a New York native. I moved to Tucson in 1994 because it was sunny and 70 in December
  • Over the years I have had many pets including dogs, cats, rabbits and a sheep
  • I once had a snapping turtle named Petey
  • As a kid, everyone brought me their strays and unwanted animals
  • I currently am owned by a black cat named Knucklehead. He wandered into my yard one hot summer day and I just wanted to make sure he had food and water. He approved of us and decided to stay. We soon found out after a check-up at the vet that Knucklehead was a little girl. She now has her own enclosed outdoor porch to watch lizards or nap, mostly nap, all day long

Colleen L.

  • Resident of Tucson for 8 years, originally from Western Pennsylvania
  • I have three dogs: Chloe, 13 year old Border Collie, Sophie, 6 year old rescued Blue Tick Hound and Hunter, 2 year old rescued Treeing Walker Coonhound, a 13 year old Lion Head Dwarf rabbit named Mr. Bear and a 15 year old 100 pound Sulcata Tortoise named Rex
  • Currently in training for K9 Search and Rescue
  • Volunteer dog runner for the Tucson Ruff Runners at PACC

Cathy M.

  • JR show handler
  • Breeder of Golden Retrievers
  • PACC dog walker
  • Supporter of Gabriel's Angels, to deliver healing pet therapy to at-risk children
  • Pet partners completion of therapy animal handler course
  • U of A Alumni
  • Satisfied client of Nunn Better for 10 years
  • Proud of culture and work ethic at Nunn Better
  • Treat animals as family
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