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Terms and Conditions

Nunn Better, LLC, Terms & Conditions of The Pet Care Agreement:

The parties herein agree as follows: The initial term of this agreement shall be from the date this form was electronically submitted to the present. In the event of a cancellation or an early return, client must notify Nunn Better if Client does not want care to continue. No refund shall be afforded for such a return unless (7) day’s notice was issued either in writing or via email from a Nunn Better representative. If (7) day’s notice is given, Nunn Better will refund 50% of fees obtained from client. If less than (7) days notice's given, no refund will be issued, and in the event that payment has not yet been made, Nunn Better will bill client.

Pet Sitter is authorized to perform care and services as outlined on this agreement. Pet Sitter is also authorized to seek emergency veterinary care with release from all liabilities related to transportation, treatment and expense. Should preferred veterinarian not be available Pet Sitter is authorized to approve medical and/or emergency treatment (including euthanasia) as recommended by a veterinarian. Client agrees to reimburse Nunn Better and or Pet Sitter for any and all expenses incurred should such an emergency transpire, plus any additional fees/expenses for attending to this need including but not limited to food, lodging, supplies, and lost income due to attendance. There will be a $25 transport fee added to your final bill should your pet require transport at any time.

In the event of inclement weather or natural disaster, Pet Sitter is entrusted to use best judgment in caring for pets and home. Pet Sitter and/or Nunn Better will be held harmless for consequences related to such decisions.

Pet Sitter agrees to provide services stated in this contract in a consistent, reliable, and trustworthy fashion. In consideration of these services and as an express condition thereof, the Client expressly waves and relinquishes any and all claims against Pet Sitter and/or Nunn Better except those arising from negligence or willful misconduct on behalf of Nunn Better.

Client understands that this contract also serves as a pre-invoice and/or receipt. All services provided by Nunn Better and all Pet Sitters of Nunn Better are to be prepaid by cash, check or credit card. Checks are to be made out to Nunn Better and never to the individual Pet Sitter with the exception of gratuity checks. Client acknowledges the Non-Compete clause each Pet Sitter has signed and agrees to uphold such clause. In doing so, no Client may solicit business to Pet Sitter outside of the paid services provided through Nunn Better. Nunn Better may at their sole discretion offer billing and/or accept credit cards. It is at the sole discretion of Nunn Better to provide services to clients who have failed to prepay for their dates of care. Nunn Better is in no way responsible for pets left by their owners, when the owners have not paid for the care prior to departure.

In the event of personal illness or emergency of Pet Sitter, Client authorizes Pet Sitter and/or Nunn Better to arrange for another qualified person to fulfill responsibilities as set forth on this contract. Every attempt will be made to notify client in this case.

All pets are to be currently vaccinated. Should Pet Sitter be bitten or otherwise exposed to any disease or ailment received from Client's animal which has not been properly and currently vaccinated, it will be the Client's responsibility to pay all costs and damages incurred by victim/Pet Sitter.

Nunn Better reserves the right to terminate this contract at any time before or during its term if, Nunn Better, in its sole discretion, determines that Client's pet poses a danger to the health or safety of Pet Sitter or Client's home. If concerns prohibit Pet Sitter from caring for a pet, Client authorizes pet to be placed in a kennel/boarding facility with all charges there from to be charged to Client.

Client authorizes this signed contract to be a valid approval for future services of any purpose, provided by this contract permitting Nunn Better to accept telephone reservations for services and enter premises without additional signed contracts or written permission. Key Keeper program authorizes 2 copies of house keys to be on file; one for Pet Sitter during time of service and one for Office.

The utmost of care will be given in watching your pet(s) and your home. However, due to the extreme unpredictably of animals, we cannot accept responsibility of any mishaps of any extraordinary or unusual nature (i.e., animal bites, furniture damage, accident, death, etc.) or any complications in administering medications to the animal. Nor can we be liable for injury, disappearance, death, or fines of pet(s) with access to the outdoors. All pets are to be currently vaccinated with proof of vaccination(s) available.

All major holidays (with the exception of: Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve/Day, New Year’s Eve/Day) will require a two week advance notice or a $25 late booking fee will be assessed. Advance reservations are always welcome by calling our office at (520) 400-0086. A 50% cancellation fee of your total invoice will be assessed to those who cancel (7) days or less prior to any major holiday listed herein: EASTER, MEMORIAL DAY, 4TH OF JULY, and LABOR DAY. For the following major holidays listed below, we will require a (30) day advance notice or a $30 late fee will be assessed. A 50% cancellation fee of your total invoice will be assessed to those who cancel (30) days or less prior to any of these major holidays: THANKSGIVING, CHRISTMAS EVE/DAY, NEW YEAR’S EVE/DAY.

You must notify Nunn Better upon return or you may be subject to penalties. By submitting any form electronically on this website I acknowledge that I have read and reviewed the pet care agreement/privacy policy, and I understand and agree with the contents of it.